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Aerial photography has been around since the invention of the first airplane. The advent of drones has completely changed aerial photography, making it more and more accessible. On the other hand, as in traditional photography, it is not only the device that takes good photos but the talent and the experience of the photographer.  

At Highcloud, of course, we make sure we have the latest technology, but we also have a team of experienced photographers who are familiar with all photography techniques, far beyond aerial photography.  

We can perform the following photography techniques:

We can take aerial photos
for the following areas and much more.

  • Real estate, technical estimate, insurance

  • Festivals, events, competitions

  • Meteorology

  • Agriculture, forestry

  • Artistic or media

  • Public and private security

We also have the tools to deliver the images to you in the format, standard and resolution you want. All our photos are taken in RAW and retouched by our experienced photographers. Once again, a link will be sent to you as soon as possible by email to allow you to view and download the final images. 

What is HDR

In nature, the human eye is able to distinguish minute shades of light and shadow. This ability to discern the gap between light and dark areas is called "  dynamic range  ". Infinitely more efficient than the sensors present in our digital devices, our eyes transmit information that is not always usable when capturing and restoring the image. So, to overcome this lack, photographers have found the solution: the HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo. This technique makes it possible to surpass and optimize the capabilities of the camera as much as possible by highlighting this large dynamic range of light perceived by the human eye.

What are they for ?



a  time lapse  is a video animation produced by a series of  photographs  taken at different times to present in accelerated time the evolution of the object photographed over a longer period. It can be used to show the opening of a flower, the  movement  of  sun  stars  in the sky, or building a house for example. The final file takes the form of a video or a file in  Animated GIF .

The Hyperlapse

In short, hyper-lapse is a revisited time-lapse. We integrate a displacement not only lateral or vertical, but also which approaches  or that gets away from the subject.


Long exposure

Long exposure photography is often used to make a photo that was taken at night appear as if it is lit up in daylight. By leaving the shutter open for a long enough time, more light is absorbed thus creating a brighter photograph. If the camera remains stationary for the entire period that the shutter is open, a photograph that is both bright and crisp can be obtained. It can also be used to achieve special effects such as creating drag movements from a moving light source or any other moving object.

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