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What can we do for you  ?

Mapping, whether in two dimensions or in three dimensions (elevation perspective), allows us to understand the environment in which we find ourselves and thus to better assess the direct impacts in this environment. Although services like Google offer more and more data on our environment, they remain nevertheless very limited, imprecise and above all uncertain. We can allow you to have an up-to-date and renewable map at any time.
It is also possible for us to do a complete modeling of your infrastructures in 3D. Whether for promotional, planning or simply for consignment reasons for goods and materials. Our experts in the field will be happy to meet with you to assess your needs.
The data collected during the mapping of a site can also allow us to carry out volumetry readings (eg: knowing between two readings the quantities of materials removed from a site).


What is photogrammetry used for?

Photogrammetry is a technique of determining the dimensions and volumes of objects or  of spaces from aerial photographs. It is realized in the form  of a succession of “captures”  in 3D from different points of view in order to obtain in the end  a relief projection of the scanned area.  The use of the drone  allows us to produce a large volume of georeferenced 3D data in a short time with complex shooting possibilities.
This technology is useful in many areas. It allows, for example, project owners to have an overview of an area or land in view of carrying out work. It can also concern urban developments  and any other infrastructure that requires a detailed overview.

What is orthophotography?

Orthophotography is a derivative of photogrammetry which consists of an assemblage  images giving a precise visual of a large geographical area. This rendering is obtained using several high resolution aerial images taken by our drones. Putting these images together makes it possible to create a plan that is both extensive (it is possible to map several hectares at a time) and detailed. These images are  georeferenced and can be overlaid  to a map or a GIS plan (Geographic Information System).


Why  volumetry?

Volumetry is an application of photogrammetry that allows you to create a 3D model of a terrain or stored volumes. This technique is mainly  used in the mining sector, power plants, quarries or land management.
Comparable to 3D modeling,  it allows to extract  cubages which are a volumetric measure of materials as well as tonnages of a defined space. The use of the drone  allows this work to be carried out regularly due to its speed and  low cost.

3D modeling

One of the uses of photogrammetry is 3D modeling. After taking aerial photographs, this technique consists of reproducing, using suitable software, images of  syntheses representing the scene photographed in three dimensions. 3D modeling  allows to have a study support according to what is  research :

  • The evolution of a relief (crevasse, cliff ...)

  • The establishment of a space (ex: a road, a building, a park, etc.)

  • The creation of an interactive model of a building, facade or monument

  • 3D modeling of a structure

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