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Some applications where RPAS can be of great use: 
- Crowd surveillance
- Construction site surveillance
- Site monitoring after disaster
- Forest fires
- Air support in search and rescue
- Air support for responders during a disaster or incident.

SATPs (new name for drones) offer vast possibilities in the field of security. Several members of our team have acquired many years of experience in public and private security. Drones can be used for day and night perimeter surveillance (with thermography) and thus guarantee efficient, fast and safe surveillance of your property.

Drones can also perform automated rounds under the supervision of a pilot or even help to spot people with questionable behavior through a crowd. Thanks to our high performance cameras, we can monitor a site without endangering the public

here. It is also possible to transmit live the images captured by our pilots via the Internet or a local network. We are even able to create tailor-made solutions in terms of data transmission.

Another service offered is to provide follow-up on a construction site for insurance or assessment purposes after a disaster. While access is often prohibited or restricted on a site following a disaster or an accident, we still have the possibility of helping the various stakeholders in the evaluation of the various situations encountered. We will be your eyes in the air in the most difficult to access places.

Drones are the most efficient, discreet and green way for the surveillance and security of your sites or events.

2.5D Basemap

Integrate elevation data with satellite maps to raise ground awareness in your operational planning.

One-click pan sync

Create a 360° overview and upload it to the cloud with just a tap. Shared panoramas and the coordinates from which they were captured are placed on your mission's 2.5D base map, allowing all team members to quickly gain aerial awareness.

Mapping in the cloud

Generate RGB or infrared orthomosaic maps of areas up to 1.5 km2 in a single flight2. Orthomosaics are automatically overlaid on your 2.5D basemap, giving you detailed knowledge of your mission environment whenever you need it.

Mission Live Broadcast

Connect multiple users to one or more drone operations simultaneously, and keep teams up to date with the latest developments with high-resolution, low-latency live streaming.

Live Annotations

Highlight objects or areas of interest for efficient mission management and resource distribution. Annotations are visible to ground crews, pilots, or any other team member for project alignment and timely task distribution.

We have assisted a few government agencies in developing their drone response units. We are therefore aware of emergency situations and the logistical and technical constraints that these situations require.


Simplified team communication

Sync valuable information such as team locations, drone status, mission details, and more, in real-time and across multiple device types, making team collaboration easier than ever .

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